The current mill is the 3rd to stand on this site, each prior mill and wooden dam having been destroyed by fire. The mill operated for approximately 100 years between the 1880s and the 1980s when it was finally abandoned. In its original configuration, its power source was a Little Giant cast iron water turbine. The Little Giant turbines were manufactured by George H. Jones of Mountain Mills, Picton, Ontario from a design patented in 1875 and were popular for more than a quarter century.

History of the Bangor Mill

the largest stores in Yarmouth and was involved in the export trade from its own wharf in Yarmouth Harbor.

In 1890 with the arrival of railroad service, a spur was constructed to the mill from the main line in Meteghan Station. Cars loaded with lumber were pulled by oxen from the mill to the station where they were then connected to steam-powered trains of the Dominion Atlantic Railway for delivery to the wharf in Yarmouth for export.

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View of the Hilton Mill in 1915

In 1870, the mill was purchased from the family of Joe Maillet and others by the Parker-Eakins Co. Ltd., one of the most important companies in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at the time. Parker-Eakins operated one of