The Road

Our lot is actually the back half of a larger lot that was subdivided in spring 2006. The original owner kept the front part that borders the highway and sold the back half of the lot. We have an easement across that piece of land so that we can gain access from the highway. In summer it was actually quite a feat to give through the underbrush, cross the creek. and fight off the ticks to even get to our lot. Here we have braved the woods and Flora is placing a stake where we think the house might go.

It took me quite a while to find a contractor to put in our road. I dealt with one who kept making promises but never showed up when he promised to. With the next one we were not quite sure he could handle the job since it was going to require some pretty big equipment to complete it. In the meantime I started clearing some of the brush myself but it was midsummer and it was miserable hot labor.

Wesley and his dad made quick work of cutting a path with their bulldozer. Sure beats doing it by hand!

Ed hauls some logs down to the pile. These will later be cut into lumber to be used for siding.

Ultimately we had to take out quite a few big trees. We hated to lose them but had no choice.

Aside from the branches, which were buried, it will all be put to good use. Here Wesley digs the hole to bury some branches.

Got any bodies you want to get rid of?

Two 20' long culvert pipes were required to provide drainage, one for the creek and one for a low spot.

It took 3 days and quite a bit of work to get it widened, leveled, and then crowned. The road was then topped with a 2" layer of crushed granite. I was really happy that I decided to keep the big tree on the right and curve the road around it. Hopefully that tree will survive.

I installed some temporary gate posts. These will eventually be replaced with stone posts.

It was a big project but we were thrilled with the way it turned out. The drive into our site is really impressive. Now we have to design and build a house that will do this lovely setting justice.