A tribute to my sweet boy - Brutus

Lisa saves our lives and we save hers

Zeus joins our family and our lives

Diezel - what a magnificent boy!



These dogs are my life. Yes, I agree, that is a bold statement. Yet how can I not feel that way? They are with me every moment of the day, they dedicate their lives to me, I am their master, I am their caretaker, I am the leader of their pack. I have no doubt that any of them would lay down his/her life for me without a second's hesitation, so I repeat, how can I not feel that way. They are my children, they are my responsibility, they are that which always adds joy to any part of my day. They are the ones who see to it that I get my daily exercise. They are the ones who accompany me on every car ride be it business or pleasure. They are the ones who inspire me to get out of my recliner and live life.

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