The Adventure Begins

And so we find our adventurers striking out, their mission: to explore this continent in order to figure out where in the heck they and their trusty canine companions want to live after the adventure ends. The possibilities are endless, their time and funds are not .

Getting Organized

Now handling details has never been my strong point and man are there a lot of details to be handling when archiving ones life for six months and hitting the road. What to do with the mail while traveling, health insurance, a myriad of issues surrounding motorhome maintenance, the list gets pretty long. It is now about 10 days before we leave and the task is becoming a bit overwhelming but I am sure we will get thru it. This week's priority was selecting and purchasing a laptop computer and this in itself was a formidable challenge.

Finally we pull up stakes!

Down to the Piedmont

Into New York

Crossing the Bay of Fundy

Life on the Beach & Dogs and Rabbits

Re-entering the United States & the Land of Stephen King

New York New York

Horse Country & Denver

The Fountain of Youth


Big Sky Country

A Typical Day in the Life

Magnificent British Columbia

The Olympic Peninsula

Down the Oregon Coast

Oregon and Into California

A Desert Hot Springs

West Texas and into the Hill Country

Tennessee and Back to North Carolina