In December 2001 we visited Southern California for a week and while we were there we spent a day at the San Diego Zoo and another at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I consider both of these, especially the latter, to be the finest zoos in the country.

While we were on our 5 month motorhome trip a few years back, one of the things we discovered was that most of the highpoints of the trip centered around animals: majestic Roosevelt Elk in Olympic National Park, American Bison in Yellowstone, and others. San Diego's Wild Animal Park contains some 2200 acres and because of the size of the enclosures not only is it best able to display the animals in a more natural setting, but additionally, the animals seem to feel much more comfortable as is illustrated by the success of their breeding programs.

I had not visited the Wild Animal Park for about ten years and was pleased to find that the things I liked best were unchanged but that there were two new displays: "The Heart of Africa" and "Condor Ridge".

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