Above all else is the truth that this body is pretty good at carrying me around, and as such, I want to keep it in fairly good condition. The next great thing in health is always hyped, usually to make money, but one thing that always works for me is good old diet and exercise. I’ve eaten a mostly plant-based diet for 40 years, and it works for me. The problem is that lots of junk food might be plant-based, but it is still full of junk. So, based on Dr. Michael Greger’s principles laid out in his How Not To… book series, we try to eat whole plant greens, veggies, grains, and fruits and as little processed food as possible and restrict the amount alcohol we ingest and the amount of oil and animal products in our meals (eggs, dairy, etc.)

Additionally, we each hit the gym every other day for a combination of weight room and cardio activities and walk 2 miles a day. As we’ve gotten older we’ve gotten more serious about sticking with the exercise and eating right.